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I just discovered that six years after ABC’s "LOST" left the air, many fans are still harboring illusions about the Kate Austen character. Why? Because she was portrayed by Evangeline Lilly, the show’s leading lady? Did Kate being the leading female character was a reason why so many made excuses for her mistakes and crimes? What exactly did Kate do? Well . . . let’s see: Read more... )
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I have a confession to make. I did not watch the ABC series “LOST” from the beginning. In fact, I did not start watching the series until (2.02) “Adrift”, the second episode of Season Two. However, I could barely maintain interest in the show, until the Season Two episode, (2.04) “Everybody Hates Hugo”. Read more... )
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While reading the TV TROPES site on Heroic BSOD for Live Action television series, I read this passage about the Michael Dawson character from "LOST": Read more... )
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"LOST": The Death of Nathan

(2.07) ”The Other 48 Hours” is the 31st episode of ”LOST” that aired on November 16, 2005. This episode featured the Tail Section passengers of Oceanic Air Flight 815 and the story of their first forty-eight (48) days on the island. A controversy popped out from nowhere in this episode and it featured a fellow survivor named Nathan, whose death led to a barrage of criticism aimed at another character – Ana-Lucia Cortez, portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez. Read more... )
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I feel sorry for Emma Swan. I may not like her very much at the moment. But I do feel sorry for her. More importantly, she has become, since Season Two, one of the most frustrating characters on "ONCE UPON A TIME". Which is probably why I have just written my third or fourth article about her. Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (5.02) "The Lie"

Season Five of ABC's "LOST" has always struck me as the series' Odd Man Out. It is not the first season to break the rules of the series' format. Season Four not only featured flashbacks, but also flash forwards. But Season Five seemed to be all over the place. And I believe this was due to the cast being split up for the first half of its season. Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (3.18) "D.O.C."

The treatment of "LOST" characters Jin and Sun Kwon has generated a great deal of emotion and some disappointment for the fans of the series. I can understand why. The series' portrayal of the South Korean couple - especially during the last three seasons - proved to be somewhat shaky. But once in a while, viewers were able to see an outstanding episode that featured the Kwons. And one of them happened to be the Season Three episode, (3.18) "D.O.C.". Read more... )
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Below is an article I had written on my opinion and observations of the Season Five episode from "LOST" called (5.08) "LaFleur":
Read more... )
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Nearly two years ago, I had written an article that reported an exchange between Adam Horowitz, one of the showrunners for "ONCE UPON A TIME" and a fan of the show. In this exchange, Horowitz claimed that Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen did not use the heart of Sheriff Graham Humbert to coerce him into having sex with her. Read more... )
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Aside from one episode, I have no real love for the first half "LOST" Season Three. Along with the second half of Season Two and the first half of Season Six, it is one of my least favorite periods during the series' six-year run. However . . . I did say "first half". Season Three began to redeem itself with the airing of the John Locke-centric episode called (3.13) "The Man From Tallahassee". Read more... )
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Below is a list of my top favorite television series in the science-fiction/fantasy genre . . . so far: Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.14) "One of Them"

I have a confession to make. There have been certain episodes from "LOST" that I had either ignored when they first aired or paid scant attention to them. In the case of the Season Two episode called (2.14) "One of Them". Read more... )
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If I have to be perfectly honest, I do not recall the initial reaction to many Marvel fans, when the studio first released the news of the upcoming release of the second Captain America film. I do recall various comments regarding the first one - 2011's "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER". The comments for that film ranged from mediocre to box office disappointing. I found the latter opinion odd, considering that movie made a considerable profit at the box office. And besides . . . "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER" proved to be a favorite of mine from 2011. Read more... )
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Below is a list of my top five favorite episodes from Season Two of "LOST" (2004-2010). The series was created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof; and produced by the latter and Carlton Cuse. Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.11) "The Hunting Party"

I may be a bit picky about my tastes in television viewing. But I must admit there have been a few television episodes either dismissed or lambasted by critics and fans alike, but which I have come to like. One of those episodes is the Season Two episode of "LOST" called (2.11) "The Hunting Party". Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (3.07) "Not in Portland"

As I have hinted in a few articles in the past, I am not particularly fond of Season Three of "LOST". Let me rephrase that. I am not fond of the first half of the series' third season. But despite this dislike of mine, I cannot deny that this period of "LOST" managed to produce one or two memorable episodes. One of those episodes - at least for me - just might be (3.07) "Not in Portland". Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.10) "The 23rd Psalm"

During its six years on the air, "LOST" managed to earn five Emmy nominations for Writing in a Drama Series. The series earned its second writing nomination for its Season Two episode called (2.10) "The 23rd Psalm". Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.09) "What Kate Did"

Kate Austen has to be one of the most divisive characters on the ABC series, "LOST". The character has generated some very extreme reactions from the show's fans. The latter have either loved her or hated her. I had harbored a good deal of dislike toward Kate, myself for a long period. However, my dislike stemmed from the writers' handling of her character and a good number of the fans' attitude toward the mistakes and crimes she had committed. A good example of this attitude could be found in the general reaction to the Season Two episode called (2.09) "What Kate Did". Read more... )
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The age of serial drama or adventure is over. It is over. I came to this conclusion after learning the dismal ratings for the last episode of ABC's "AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D." called (1.10) "The Bridge". And ironically, my statement is not a criticism directed at the series or its latest episode. Read more... )
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.07) "The Other 48 Days"

I cannot deny that "LOST" will always be one of my top twenty (20) favorite television series of all time. Nor can I deny that despite my feelings about it, the writing had been flawed on many occasions. If there is an episode that truly reflected my positive feelings about the series, it is the Season Two episode called (2.07) "The Other 48 Days". Read more... )


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