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Below are images from the 1996 science fiction movie, "INDEPENDENCE DAY". Directed by Roland Emmerich, the movie starred Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Margaret Colin, Vivica A. Fox and Bill Pullman:Read more... )
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Usually I would list my ten favorite summer movies of any particular year. However, since I had only watched ten new releases during the summer of 2016. Due to the limited number, I decided to rank the films that I saw: Read more... )
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Back in the 1990s, Twentieth Century Fox Studios, producer Dean Devlin and producer-director Roland Emmerich delivered a science-fiction epic about an alien invasion during the Fourth of July holiday. Hence, the title - "INDEPENDENCE DAY". Read more... )
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Below are images from "INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE", the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, "INDEPENDENCE DAY". Directed by Roland Emmerich, the movie stars Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Jessie T. Usher and Bill Pullman: Read more... )
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"CHINA SEAS" (1935) Review

For years, film critics and moviegoers have claimed that either Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie, "JAWS" or George Lucas' 1977 movie, "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE" ushered in or created the summer box office film. I had believed this for years, until I saw Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's 1935 film, "CHINA SEAS". Read more... )
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Below is a list of my top ten (10) favorite movies from the Summer of 2013. I am well aware a good number of films ended up as flops. At least a few of them are on my list. I had not seen some of the movies missing from this list (i.e., "THE WORLD'S END") or I simply found it hard to enjoy them. Without further ado, here is that list of favorites: Read more... )
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"WHITE HOUSE DOWN" (2013) Review

Since its release in the movie theaters, "WHITE HOUSE DOWN" has received a good deal of flak from movie critics determined to justified its failure to become a box office hit. But there are some offered another reason why the movie flopped nearly a month ago. And that reason centered around the release of another film some three months earlier called "OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN". Read more... )
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Below are images from "WHITE HOUSE DOWN", the new action thriller. Directed by Roland Emmerich, the movie stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx: Read more... )


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